Walk of the Earth ends US leg of 2018 tour with sold out family affair at Fillmore Silver Spring (review,photos)

Canadian rock band Walk off the Earth close out their first headlining US tour in three-years with a sold out show at The Fillmore Silver Spring.

While Canadian rock band Walk off the Earth has built their name thanks to viral videos of them remixing popular songs on their 2.9 million subscribers’ YouTube channel, the group’s ability to produce music videos and bring them to life while on tour has helped set them apart from your typical cover band.

Ending the US leg of their 2018 tour with a sold-out show at The Fillmore Silver Spring, I found myself – The Only Black Kid – partying with a majority-white all-age 3000-person audience, as Walk off the Earth made their way back to Silver Spring, Maryland for the first time in three years.

A venue special to the group; members Sarah Blackwood and Gianni Luminati informed me during an interview, prior to the show, that in 2014 the venue was their first-ever sold-out headlining show in America.

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Taking a risk in an uncontrolled environment – built around bringing their corky yet creative D.I.Y. videos, which have garnered multi-million views on YouTube, to a live show – Walk off the Earth’s stage set is one giant circus. Whether there was 5 peeps playing 1 guitar at the same time during the cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Use To Know,” plastic pipes slamming against a table to create a baseline during their cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” or giants balloons floating on top of the crowd as wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men blew erratically on both sides of the stages during Outkast’s “Hey Ya!,” Walk of the Earth kept the audience on their toes, blending genres to fit their custom sound.

Walk of the Earth does an impressive job at multitasking and allowing each member to have their own shine while still keeping the best interest of the band. During performances of original songs – “Taekwondo” and “Nomad,” – the band cuts back on visual effects, allowing the crowd to focus on their singing and harmonizing skills.

Meet and greet ticket holders had the opportunity to witness a raw, stripped down version of the band prior to the show. Gathering around the five-piece band to participate in a campfire type singalong, Walk of the Earth performed an acoustic pre-show jam session before having an intimate Q&A session with the audience; all while Blackwood and Luminati’s seven-month-old infant played peacefully on daddy’s lap as strangers stared at him and took pictures.

Blackwood, Luminati, Marshall, Cassidy, and Taylor are a gang of rhythm. More than 2,500 people – ranging from toddlers to elderly – gathered as the Canadian band provided great music over festive effects to end the US leg of their 2018 tour. Walk off the Earth does not come around here very often, but it is a treat when they do.

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