The Wrecks open up for New Politics Lost in Translation Tour (review, photos, video)

Only Black Kid stops by The Fillmore Silver Spring to watch New Politics, The Wrecks and The Dreamers walk on top of crowd, backflip off drumsets and more at the "Lost in Translation" tour.

New Politics has devoted fans that hold them up literally.

Covering two concerts in two days in Silver Spring, Maryland; Monday night, we found ourselves, Only Black Kid – amongst an audience of 600 headbangers as Danish rock band New Politics played The Fillmore Silver Spring – which has a 3,000 max capacity – in part of their “Lost In Translation” tour which is to promote their latest album release of the same title.

New Politics lead vocalist and frontman David Boyd was in peak performer mode. Whether Boyd was backflipping off bandmates Louis Vecchio’s drumset, walking on top of the crowd’s hands while singing “Everywhere I go,” or break dancing during band’s guitarist Søren Hansen guitar instrumental; the content crowd remained focused on living in the moment and focusing on who was there with them and not who wasn’t.

A lineup that continued to build from the opening act to the headliner; alternative bands The Wrecks and The Dreamers got the party going early.

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The Wrecks were the first act to take the stage and their energetic opening performance set the tone for the night. Eccentric frontman and lead singer, Nick Anderson, bounced on and off the stage to perform with the fans on the barriers as the five-piece band performed tracks from their “Panic Vertigo – EP.” Despite being the first act on the bill, The Wrecks received a positive crowd reaction during their set, getting the audience to sing  during songs “Favorite Liar,” “James Dean” and “Turn it Up.”

An energy you can not re-live unless you were there to witness it for yourself; the three bands remained enthusiastic and never failed to bring energy to the stage. What opening acts The Wreckers and The Dream lacked in stage design and lights compared to New Politics, they attempted to make up in energy and spirit. However, when you have a 40-year-old Boyd moving the way he did without breaking a hip, all the rising artist could do is sit back and enjoy New Politics as they progress through their touring circuit.

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